Meridian Taxation offers a friendly and professional tax advisory and accountancy service both for individuals and companies. Meridian Taxation is based in the centre of Exeter and has clients worldwide with a specialist section dealing with Mariners and Non-residents.

Meridian Taxation does not deal exclusively with Mariners and Non-residents and can advise on all tax matters including those related to the employed, self-employed, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Neither the 100% Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction (SED), nor the non-residency rules are as simple as counting the days in and out of the UK. There are a number of other conditions which have to be met for a legitimate claim.

Worryingly, just because the Revenue has acknowledged your tax return or rebated some tax that has been paid, does not mean they have accepted or agreed with your claim for SED or Non-residence. The Revenue can raise an enquiry many months after you have submitted a tax return at which time they can challenge whether you are entitled to make such a claim. Meridian Taxation will assist you with any such enquiry.


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